Here are some sites we have developed:
DiagKNOWsis Media
Find books, websites, resources and research information to help you find your best medical outcomes.
Every Patient's Advocate
Find practical solutions for learning to deal with the dysfunctional American Health Care System.
AdvoConnection Directory
Matching patients with the advocates they need to help them find their best medical outcomes.
The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates
Assisting private health and patient advocates with business support to help them establish and grow their practices.
The Blog of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates
Weekly updates on the world of patient and health advocacy as this fine profession continues to grow.
Trisha Torrey is available to speak to patients, providers or healthcare industry professionals.
You Bet Your Life!  The 10 Mistakes Every Patient Makes
(How to Fix Them to Get the Healthcare You Deserve)
For patient and health advocates who want to start and grow a private advocacy practice.
Ethics and Professional Standards statements for private, professional, patient advocates.
Health Advocate Educational Programs
For patient advocates and navigators who wish to take courses, earn a certificate or attend events aimed specifically at continuing educational pursuits.
A blog about patient empowerment, helping patients and their caregivers find their best outcomes from the dysfunctional American healthcare system.
The legend of the only female pope who ever ruled the Vatican.
by Donna Woolfolk Cross (yes, dot-fish!)
For bass anglers everywhere to help them find products and services, and to connect with each other.

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Updated November 2017